MACC Becomes An Inspiration For A Deputation From NIFM India

PUTRAJAYA, 21st Feb - National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM) India makes Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) as their source of inspiration and recognizes MACC as an efficient enforcement agency in Malaysia.

Faculty Associate Department of Accountancy and Finance of NIFM, Dr. Anurag Bhadur Singh, said that all of the initiatives taken by MACC in order to combat against issues of bribery in Malaysia are engaging.

“Bribery crimes are not merely worrying for certain countries instead it is a worldwide problem that leave repercussions to us as a whole.”

“Bribery happens owing to several underlying predominantly such as an ambiguous and corrupt system, and it is indisputable that if this issue is prolonged it will disturb economical development and a country’s growth.” he said.

This statement was made while he was giving his speech during the field trip session by MACC officers at Main Conference Room, 22nd Floor, Block C, MACC head office, today.

NIFM delegation which consists of 30 members led by Dr. Anurag, arrived at the headquarters at 11:20 a.m. and were welcomed by the Head of International Relation Branch, Policy, Planning and Research Division of MACC, SAC Nadiah Azis.

During the field trip that was held for three hours, talks regarding ‘Overview and the Role of MACC’ as well as ‘Corruption Risk Management’, were each delivered by the Deputy Head of International Relations, Policy, Planning and Research Division of MACC, Asst. Commissioner Premraj Victor and the Head of Risk Management Branch, Inspection and Consultancy Division of MACC, Asst. Commissioner Mohd Hasraff Hashim.

Other than sharing session over their experiences and roles between both agencies, there was also a session to visit MACC’s building along with a photography session.

The delegation of NIFM of India is going to spend approximately around two weeks in Malaysia to undergo the training.

The visit to MACC is a part of the program scheduled for the deputation during the period of time they spend in Malaysia and it is a sequel of liaison between MACC and National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN).


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