SEREMBAN Jan. 30 - The initiative of declaring and signing the Corruption-Free Pledge (also known as Ikrar Bebas Rasuah or IBR) by the State Legislative Council (MMK) of Negeri Sembilan is seen to enhance the accountability of leaders in discharging their duties, as well as raising their awareness of avoiding corruption and abuse of power.
Deputy Chief Commissioner (Prevention) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Dato’ Shamshun Baharin Mohd. Jamil, said the fight against corruption was an effort between all parties to ensure that corruption can be curbed overall.
"The Negeri Sembilan state leadership should be complimented for responding to the central government's call to combat corruption by empowering the state government's administrative system.
“This commitment is clearly evident when the Negeri Sembilan government makes an effort to cultivate the culture of integrity among the state's administration to strengthen the foundation for the state's progress," he said.
Shamshun Baharin said this in his speech at the signing ceremony and IBR pledge with the Negeri Sembilan menteri besar and State Legislative Council members in the Operations Room at Wisma Negeri, here today.
At the event, a total of 11 State Legislative Council members and three senior state government officers, led by Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Aminuddin Harun, declared the IBR pledge while being witnessed by Shamshun Baharin.
Also present at the event were state MACC Director, Senior Assistant Commissioner Hairuzam Mohmad Amin @ Hamim and Negeri Sembilan State Secretary, Datuk Dr. Razali Ab. Malik.
Meanwhile, Aminuddin said the IBR pledge does not only create awareness on the value of accountability and integrity for the leaders, but it is also capable in enhancing the State Legislative Council members’ level of service achievement while they performed their duties.
“As a state leader, we should not miss out on this opportunity to improve the level of performance and achievement for the state as corruption not only violates the law, but is also contrary to religious teachings.
"I believe and am confident that with a healthy culture that is void of corruption, Negeri Sembilan can be the best example for other states in the country to follow,” said Aminuddin.
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