KOTA BHARU, 18 Sept – The Chemistry Department of Kelantan signed and took the Corruption-Free Pledge (IBR) as an answer to MACC's call to stand united in fighting corruption and abuse of power today. 

The IBR ceremony reflects strong commitment from the Chemistry Department in the effort to eradicate corruption, especially among its officers and staff. 

The pledge reading was led by Madam Hashimah Yahya, Director of the Chemistry Department Kelantan and witnessed by AC Azmi Ismail, Deputy Director (Operation) of MACC Kelantan. Also in attendance was Mr. Zulkfely Mohd Edin, Deputy Director of the Chemistry Department Kelantan. 

The ceremony, held in the Main Meeting Room of the Kelantan Chemistry Department, was also attended by senior officers and 38 staff members of the Chemistry Department.